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    this is a real ad i just made on craiglist :eusa_dance:

    Am i looking for you? - 27

    Reply to: pers-478122394@craigslist.org
    Date: 2007-11-13, 6:02PM PST

    Here is what im looking for in a mate

    First I'm looking for a modern woman who isnt looking to be burdoned by kids

    Second, I'm looking for a modern woman who doesnt need a ring and a piece of paper, to prove she is loved.

    Third, Im looking for a modern woman who will let her man have his own space, but still want to spend time together.

    Fourth, Im looking for a modern woman who believes in real equality and who wont let a man pay for anything, because she doesnt use men for anything.

    Fifth, Im looking for a woman who isnt shallow about looks or material posessions. If you love me, and i love you, and we accept each others, thats all we need.

    sixth, I need a woman who is loving, kind, patient, and sweet. I have anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder, so i need a woman who is patient, and wont give up on me because I have mental illness.

    seventh, I need an honest woman. a woman who believes its always better to tell the truth then to lie. A woman who rather break up, then cheat.

    I know im asking a miracle, but isnt it better to shoot for the stars and miss then to shoot for the ground and hit it?

    I dont care about how much you weigh, what your bra cup is, how much money you make, or what color/religion you are. As long as youre nice, and and you think you would be a fit for me.

    I actually want to be in a relationship, but would rather be single, then with the wrong person

    Thank you if you took the time to read and consider this, even if you dont reply. And please if youre offended by what i said just move on, i cant change who i am so please spend your energy finding someone who is meant for you instead of spewing hate at me

    God bless y'all

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