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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Baruch Menachem, Oct 9, 2010.

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    State wants to expand its borrowing authority without going for voter approval, they want to permit a non indian casino in East Multnomah County. (I don't like this idea) they want to funnel lottery dollars to State parks, forestry, and environmental protection. (This is the current law, but the law expires soon. this measure extends it. I like this idea) They want annual legislative sessions. I am not so hot on this, but current sessions last until August, and the law would restrict the regular session to june, with an alternate year schedule till first of February. There is a medical marijuana initiative. I think this is BS, but I think the current law is even more so, so I am going to support it.

    Local county measures.... The county commission wants to get rid of term limits. Bad idea. Bad luck on that. The ballot title is incredibly dishonest. Secretary of state should be impeached for permitting it.

    The also want to be allowed to run for a different office mid term. Also bad idea. You sign on for the duration, and you don't get to jump ship for free.

    26-112 requires you live in the county if you want an elective office there. which is the current rule. i don't know why this measure is on the ballot. A no vote won't change anything, and a yes vote keeps the current rule.

    There is a library levy, a historical museum levy ( I don't know about this one. The local historical museum seems kind of lame,
    and a public financing of electoral campaigns measure. An idea which I despise, but passed in the past, and they want to know if is should be continued. It has a long list of dubious supporters. With friends like that, I know this measure is democracy's enemy.

    And there is a bond measure for more fire trucks. Sounds like a good idea.
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    California has all sorts of casinos, Indian run and not, but the state is still going broke. Don't let em' bullshit ya' when they say: "But it's for the children!" either. I'm so sick of hearing that.

    Because Gettysburg Battlefield is close by here the locals elected to not allow a casino to be built. All the rumors before the vote were that "it's guaranteed to pass!" but of course it didn't. Again, don't let em bullshit ya' with their lies.

    About the lawmakers having to live in the districts they serve, Police Officers are sometimes required to live in the county they are employed by. Are your local L.E.'s required to do the same? If so then maybe you could bring that up. Or just bring it up anyway cause it's a good idea. Looks like the lawmakers don't wanna' live in the towns they mess up.

    About the Fire Trucks, I don't view Bond Measures as any different than taxes so I always vote em down, no matter what the cause.

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