Veterans and Children: NOT Just Homeless at the Holidays

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    Republican Gov. Rick Scott claimed, “I care completely” about Homelessness following his proposal to cut ALL funding for Homeless Programs in Florida.

    Scott was also photographed passing out Thanksgiving dinners in a Naples, Florida shelter, which fed 7,000 families during that holiday week.

    Scott said “I care completely about all these programs,” but reality is that his budget cuts “slashed funding to some veteran and farm surplus programs that helped the homeless.” [1]

    One Jacksonville homeless shelter official stated that Scott “zeroed out all homeless funding” which totaled $7 million that helped sustain programs dedicated to homelessness prevention, housing initiatives, and programs that “re-house” people once they’re on the street. The official added, “Not only that, he took out the line items so it can never be funded again.” [Ibid]

    Scott also vetoed $12 million in funding that the state legislature had passed to support the 17,000 homeless veterans in Florida.

    When I learned of the homeless situation in my backyard in Central Florida, I began volunteering with NEW BEGINNINGS New Beginnings the only homeless recovery program in south Lake County [a once thriving citrus community], but I had already committed to doing something about homelessness in my District:

    read more Veterans and Children: NOT Just Homeless at the Holidays | Veterans Today

    Lake County Schools report the following number of homeless students:

    2005-06: 122
    2006-07: 195
    2007-08: 324
    2008-09: 775
    2009-10: 2,162

    Steve Smith’s “biggest concern is that we cannot keep up with the growing demand and provide the necessary recovery resources. The schools do a monthly headcount and state the rate is growing at an alarming rate!”
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    Florida gonna dump its homeless on other states...
    Fort Lauderdale will buy one-way tickets for homeless to leave city
    Wednesday, 12.21.11 - Commissioners approved the $25,000 program Tuesday

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