Useful TIPS to all Muslim’s followers

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    Useful TIPS to all Muslim’s followers

    I want to share my knowledge with all Muslims followers from world, If any person make a habit to do 3 (three) things which help and support your life after “death”. Very few people things how to cross the critical period from Grave to Judgment day ( too long journey and very limited resources)

    1. Always remembering DEATH
    2. How you move from own GRAVE
    3. Facing GOD at “judgment DAY” where you answerable for all sin’s and never skip

    I read in HADIS that the “judgment day” period is for “50 years” If you remember your dead than never think to do wrong way money earning?

    Please make to change your sinful or selfish lifestyle. Do not feel proud for having pretty faces, good looking children’s, countless wealth and power ( none can last forever). Your wealth, power, status ever gives you a single benefit or exempted from punishment.

    Only source to benefit after your DEAD from your own relatives, children and well wishers when ever offer SURAH FATEH or give SADKA on your name or do some welfare works for you. Understand when your eyes closed ( death ) you become so helpless and always eager from your children’s, relatives and well wishers ( friends ) to send some GIFT for you in the shape of SURAH FATEH, SADKA so God can get rid of some punishment due to doing sin’s.

    I still people do not understand if you engaged in your entire life by earning money wrong methods and which is also burden and liability for you. If you die and if your family members used your wealth in sin’s jobs than you are also punishable for this?

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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