US weapons 'full of fake Chinese parts'

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    US weapons 'full of fake Chinese parts'
    US weapons 'full of fake Chinese parts' - Telegraph

    Before anyone blames Bush, it was Clinton was started this by having the Pentagon buy 'off the shelf' electronics instead of designing it's own systems. Of course, Bush didn't address the problem.

    Some blame it on the fact that the U.S. has been dismantling factories since the 60's and has been more concerned with cost cutting. We could have kept designing our own and strived to keep our factories running. It would have cost a lot more to buy from Japan or eleswhere, but in the end, you get what you pay for.

    This is not a free market problem, as claimed. China's standards on goods imported to the U.S. are so low, if they exist, and our government still allows this stuff in. If they were better at quality control and checked these parts, this problem would have been caught sooner. China doesn't give a crap about our standards and the government bureaucrats dropped the ball. This is on them and it's not how the free market should work. Government's role is to make fair laws and regulations and uphold them to keep the free market as honest as possible. It is government that has allowed this and China knew they could get away with it, so they did.

    Or if the government was more friendly toward big business, they wouldn't flee to other countries where they do better. Putting out a quality product is obviously more costly than putting out fake parts, so stands to reason we'd pay a higher price. Considering what these electronic parts are used for, there is no excuse to put up with this.

    I think it's deliberate sabotage. They shipped us fake, useless parts that they knew would be used on our military planes and other vital equipment. And any politician who was aware of this and didn't speak out must not be concerned with the effectiveness of our military.

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