US should set two deadlines leading to Iraq pullout: John Kerry

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    When ever this stupid gigolo opens his mouth, I feel :puke3:

    Wed Apr 5, 8:55 AM ET

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States should set a May 15 deadline for Iraqis to form a unity government and then plan to withdraw its troops by year's end, Democratic Senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry said in commentary published in The New York Times.

    "If Iraqis aren't willing to build a unity government in the five months since the election, they're probably not willing to build one at all. The civil war will only get worse, and we will have no choice anyway but to leave," Kerry said.

    Joining a growing chorus criticizing the US-led occupation of Iraq, Kerry said it was "immoral ... to engage in the same delusion" as in Vietnam, where half of the US casualties occurred "after America's leaders knew our strategy would not work."

    Kerry described the current situation as "the third war in Iraq in as many years.

    "The first was against Saddam Hussein and his supposed weapons of mass destruction. The second was against terrorists whom, the administration said, it was better to fight over there than here. Now we find our troops in the middle of an escalating civil war."(you sir are a lying piece of dog crap)

    Iraqi leaders so far "have responded only to deadlines -- a deadline to transfer authority to a provisional government, and a deadline to hold three elections," Kerry said.

    "Iraqi politicians should be told that they have until May 15 to put together an effective unity government or we will immediately withdraw our military."

    "If Iraq's leaders succeed in putting together a government, then we must agree on another deadline: a schedule for withdrawing American combat forces by year's end," Kerry said.

    To get things rolling, Kerry suggested bringing all the leaders of Iraqi factions together "in a neutral setting" where, working with US allies, the Arab League and the United Nations, they "would be compelled to reach a political agreement."

    Kerry dismissed the US government's reluctance to put pressure on the Iraqis for fear of making things worse.

    "In fact, terrible things are happening now because we haven't gotten tough enough. With two deadlines, we can change all that," said the senator from Massachusetts
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    Why on earth are people so eager to turn and run?

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