True Crime Podcast True Stories from a Real Crime Scene Cleaner

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    Hi there! I'm new. My husband & I do crime scene cleaning and decided to podcast about it - here's the trailer! [​IMG]

    Take a listen [​IMG] Rate! and Review! Please [​IMG] it will help so much (I'm making my way through all of yours)! If you wouldn't mind using "True Crime" in the review it would be super appreciated [​IMG]

    If you haven't joined our mailing list [​IMG] be sure to do so and you'll be entered to win!

    Shirts [​IMG] and other goodies [​IMG] are being made up as I type this!! Don't forget to share, share, share! [​IMG]

    Here are the different ways to listen:
    ITunes: The Cleaning of John Doe by Vanessa Phearson on Apple Podcasts
    GooglePlay: Google Play Music
    AudioBoom: audioBoom / True Crime: Introducing TCJD
    Stitcher: The Cleaning of John Doe
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