Transcript: Bush/Obama Meeting

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    GWB: Barack! How ya doin' man? Glad to have you here at the white house.

    BO: Well, thank you very much Mr. President. It is an honor.

    GWB: Please, please, have a seat. (Sound of shuffling and then a loud crash. Shouting in background, "Mr. President! Mr. President!)

    BO: Are you OK sir?

    GWB: Yes, yes, I'm fine. Lets, uh, you know, get started.

    BO: Well, first Mr. President, if I may, I would like to apologize for ravaging you on the campaign trail. I said some pretty harsh things and I just want you to know that it was in the heat of battle, sir.

    GWB: Oh, that, don't worry about it. Laura and me were actually pleased that someone was talking about me. You know, my name was only mentioned one time at our convention, so I guess I should, you know, er, offer my graciousness for you uh, verbally reckoning me.

    BO: No problem sir. Now, I was curious, is there any insight you would like to pass along? You know, something that might help me get through the transition?

    GWB: Well, I think first and foremost, you should remember that it is the Oval Office.

    BO: Yes, sir. I realize that the office of the presidency must be respected and that...

    GWB: No, no. The reason I mention it is because, you know, in one of Dick's first meetings here with the staff, he got a little, you know, angry at me, and told me to go wait in the corner. Well, hell, I wondered around a good hour looking for a corner until I realized, (*)(*)(*)(*), this room is a oval!

    BO: That must have been quite a revelation sir.

    GWB: I'll say. But errr... you know what Barack, why don't we skip this chit chat, and I will give you a tour of the place.

    BO: Oh, OK sir. Whatever you like. (Sound of shuffling)

    GWB: Now this is my desk, this is where I sit.

    BO: Mr. President, shouldn't you be sitting behind the desk?

    GWB: You know, doggonit, I thought the same thing, too. But Dick said it was better if I sit over here, you know, so I can look out the window during meetings, and well, Dick he usually sits behind the desk.

    BO: I see. And I guess this is the famous Red Phone. Is it still a direct line to the Kremlin.

    GWB: Oh that. No, that'll get you straight to the Kitchen. You need to get calls to the Kremlin cleared with Dick first. (Long pause) Oh, by the way, have you thought about how your interior department, you know I mean, like your, what's the word, uh, decorating! Yes, you now, how ya gonna decorate the White House for your lifestyle?

    BO: Well, we pretty much settled on that back in early October.

    GWB: Right, right. Reparations are important.

    BO: You mean 'preparations' don't you sir?

    GWB: Yes, yes... what did I say? Nevermind.

    BO: Would it be OK to get a tour of the Situation Room?

    GWB: Situation Room? What's that? Ohhh, you mean the situation room. Where Laura and I sleep, right? Hehe, I don't know Barack, that is kinda personal, but... aww, what the heck! (Inaudible sound of someone whispering)

    BO: Is something wrong, sir?

    GWB: You know, it looks like I gotta get going. Doggonit, I plum forgot my nap. How about we pick this up again later?

    BO: Well, ok sir, if that is better for you. When are you free?

    GWB: Anytime in late January oughta be good.

    From Idle Wordship

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