“There must be some sense of proportion.’’

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    “There must be some sense of proportion.’’

    On bench, Woodlock taps life experiences - The Boston Globe

    He skewered a former state senator earlier this month as “financially embarrassed and fiscally incontinent,’’ and lambasted a former Boston city councilor this week for his “ludicrous’’ testimony.


    This guy is hard on corrupt politicians and public servants.

    Woodlock lamented that two former House speakers convicted of federal crimes — Thomas M. Finneran and Charles F. Flaherty — were “welcomed back like they were some sort of heroes’’ at the State House.

    but he knows something most of the Wingnuts and Moonbats here do not understand or fail to grasp...proportion.

    “This is a cleaning lady,’’ Woodlock told prosecutors several times. “There must be some sense of proportion.’


    nuf said

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