There is no Mandate from the election.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RetiredGySgt, Nov 8, 2012.

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    The people chose to leave the House in Republican hands which means their opposition to tax increases was found favorable.

    The problem is that the President and the Senate under Reid REFUSE to consider meaningful cuts. We can not tax our way out of this problem, further history shows us that when ever democrats increase taxes they ALWAYS increase spending.

    What do I think should happen?

    A 10 cent tax on gas at the Federal level. Anyone making a million or more in INCOME ( not capitol gains) should go to 40 percent tax rate. Leave the Bush tax cuts in. Possibly raise a couple fees for different programs a small amount. CUT spending across the board. Eliminate redundant programs and cut education spending. Cut welfare spending, cut subsidies to Unions completely out, No more stimulus crap. Raise retirement age by 2 years.

    Do not cut the Military in the proposed manner currently. No more bailouts to anyone. Especial States and cities.

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