The way out of ObamaNation is the collapse of Agenda 21

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    If we are to regain our freedom as sovereign nations, our search for the answers must take us beyond Barack Hussein Obama​

    The way out of ObamaNation is the collapse of Agenda 21​

    By: Judi McLeod
    November 30, 2012

    As dominant as he is in our worries and thoughts, the man they call Barack Hussein Obama is not the most important Agent of Change in daily life. Deliberately flamboyant by design, he’s only the most noticeable one.

    Obama is the handpicked decoy for this particular point in time; the one who draws attention away from One Worlders who work to capture America by stealth; the seemingly impossible to remove Candy Man, enabled by 50 percent of the U.S. voting population.

    As prime decoy, Obama is the main player on the current politician populated World stage. While their antics keep all eyes trained their way, the real Agent of Change works 24-7 in the background laying the groundwork to enslave you.

    The more outrageous antics the performance of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and now Elizabeth Warren and Debbie Wasserman Schultz mesmerize, the more we miss seeing the subtle noose descending on an unknowing population.

    We curse Obama and his loathsome personal ‘Army of Czars & Stars’; we whine about the stolen election. We torture ourselves with the reasons why he can’t be defeated. We fall for stories circulating the Net building false hopes that a vote recount is coming any day now; that a plurality of longstanding American states will secede.

    And through it all, a majority of us completely ignore society’s most clear and present danger: The freedom and liberty smothering United Nations through its insidious Agenda 21.


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    The way out of ObamaNation is the collapse of Agenda 21

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