The Wave of Change is Blue, Not Red, in Hawaii

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    Democrats had impressive wins in the 50th state on Tuesday. Obama has higher approval ratings here than in any other state, at nearly 70%. Neil Abercrombie said it best... the pessimism of the mainland and the Tea Party cannot triumph the admiration Hawaiians still have for the President.

    Most senior U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye wins a ninth term with three-quarters of the vote.

    U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa wins third term with 70% of the vote.

    But it's not just Democratic holds that were impressive in Hawaii... there were two GOP-held seats that were flipped:

    Republican Incumbent Congressman Charles Djou lost to Colleen Hanabusa, one of very few Democratic gains in this year's congressional election.

    2-term Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona lost the race for Governor to Neil Abercrombie with only 40% of the vote to Abercrombie's 60%. This is after 8 years of Linda Lingle, who was not only the first GOP gov in Hawaii since the early 1960's, but also seen as one of Hawaii's worst governors ever.

    Perhaps the most impressive is the new state legislature, which is now 88% Democratic (more liberal than any other state in the union), which would give dems the power to override any of Linda Lingle's vetos (would've been nice if that was the case in '06 or '08).


    Yes, congratulations to the GOP, you had a great election this year nationwide. This post is not meant to attract any negativity from Republicans, only to remind the seemingly very few vocal Obama supporters still out there on the mainland that there is one part of the country where you will feel right at home. :eusa_drool:

    Well done Hawaii :clap2:
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