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    The Security Service of Ukraine: Ukraine will recognize the genocide of Armenians (+ photo proof)

    I've come across a letter sent by the SBU to the President Viktor Yanukovich. It's a real sensation, I should say! Here is the link to the original letter ( In few words, the letter says about an offer to the President and the ruling party made by Armenian community in Ukraine. Armenian community offered the financial and PR support to the Party of Regions at the elections in exchange of the RECOGNITION OF THE GENOCIDE OF ARMENIANS by Ukraine.
    In other words, Ukraine will kill the last hope of Turkish eurointegration despite of all the agreements about gas industry development completed with Turkey. Everyone knows the mass recognition of the genocide of Armenians by European countries AUTOMATICALLY deprives Turkey from the chance to join the EU and casts some doubt on the legitimacy of Turkish membership in NATO.
    However, we've seen the real face of Ukrainians. Yeah, they're good honest partners.

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