The Naval Academy's cadet spoofed on Gangnam Style

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    Why does America love Gangnam Style?

    We don't know if it's just simple curiosity or if it's because the song is actually really good, but PSY's Gangnam Style music video on Youtube is garnering incredible amounts of views. It already achieved a whopping 200 million views, and at this rate the video could possibly achieve a total 500 million views in due time. The country with the most views is the United States, with Thailand coming in second and South Korea the third.

    The video is a sensation so much more in foreign countries than South Korea, so it's safe to say the song and dance is very refreshing and effective to cultures around the world. PSY is even appearing in shows like the 'Ellen Show' and the 'Today Show'. Recent news say PSY will be appearing in the 'I ♥ Radio Music Festival' held in Las Vegas. It is obvious that PSY is promoting South Korea to the entire world. I was laughing so hard when I saw the music video, and just by looking at the streets of Korea in the video made me want to visit South Korea some day.

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