The rats have gathered in LA

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    U.S. public workers say organized labor at a turning point
    By Lisa Lambert and James B. Kelleher | Reuters

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As America's biggest state and local government employees' union gathered here this week, it faced obstacles like never before. After a big defeat in Wisconsin, and under pressure to accept cuts in jobs, pay, pensions and benefits, it needed to give convincing answers.

    U.S. public workers say organized labor at a turning point - Yahoo! News


    These people are like the ones on the titanic sipping champagne as the ship goes down - just clueless.

    The purpose of gov't is to provide services to the public, NOT jobs for an elite few with gold-plated benefits, perks, salaries and pensions. The middle class in the US has had to compete with that of china, brazil and other rising nations over the past 30 years, which is why its earning power has steadily fallen. The public union employees have been insulated from this issue - and the private worker sustaining the country is no longer going to tolerate it.

    The public union employee has as much to do with the middle class as homeless in africa do.
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