The Liberal Vampire Government

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    Articles: Vampire Government: How the Left is Sucking the Life out of the Private Economy

    Facts and reality matter little to the insufferable American left and are generally ignored if they do not support the left's contentions. At that point, "creative" interpretation or outright denial takes over. Economic statistics and discussions can often cause the eye of the average reader to glaze over or the listener to become confused by the terminology and incomprehensible numbers involved. The so-called progressives rely on their ability to obfuscate and to mobilize greed and envy in order to justify and maintain their deceptions.

    However, the average person can and does understand that the standard of living has deteriorated over the past 15-plus years, well-paying jobs are impossible to find, and the country is in dire financial shape. But how and why did this come to pass? The fault lies at the feet of solely the left and its control of the Democratic Party, as well as its enablers in the Republican Party. The nation's Gross Domestic Product has been so ravaged by government's demands that it cannot sustain long-term economic growth and a concurrent increase in the standard of living for all Americans.

    In the mid-1970s, the era of big government and accelerated social spending to fulfill unsustainable promises had begun in earnest. From 1947 to 1972, total government (federal, state, and local) spending averaged 26.7% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product. In 2011, it has hit nearly 41%. Considering the present course of the GDP and with programs such as ObamaCare, spending will exceed 46% of GDP by 2016. For comparison, some nations recently in the news: Greece is at 51% of its GDP, Spain 49%, Italy 51%, and Portugal 50.2%.

    The left will, besides denying any responsibility for this devastation to the American economy, claim that their policies have helped the poor and downtrodden. However, in 1965, the poverty rate in America was 15.4% (today it is 15.1%). Not only has the income of Americans stagnated, but the disparity has widened -- not because of the so-called greed of the rich, but because there is now minimal upward income mobility compared to the past, as high-paying jobs are no longer being created. The U.S. is not competitive in the world market, as the manufacturing sector has been forced to wither on the vine. And America has joined the list of countries facing insolvency due to out-of-control spending and borrowing.

    The solution offered by Obama and his fellow travelers on the left: not only more of the same, but an acceleration of the process, as they cannot get past their own narcissism and ignorance enough to ever admit failure. They would rather see the United States collapse and its people in poverty and despair as long as they are safely ensconced within the ruling class along with their crony capitalist and union allies. To that end, they are counting on manipulating the ignorance and emotions of the American people. The future of the country depends on whether that tactic continues to be successful.

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