The Constitution just needs to drop out

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    The Constitution just needs to drop out, yeah those ideas for Liberty under God. Who does God think He is with His offering of Liberty?

    Who do the Founders of this Nation; who claimed real liberty, unlike the French, ...think they are!!!! and their friends.

    Quotes From The Founding Fathers

    Yeah, that's right...we are people.
    We really don't understand how we got here, but what is this thing in History, Genetic design, Creation etc... that it should make ourselves think we created ourselves???? :doubt:

    Yeah, yeah never mind, super rich people who make their money by doing evil, who hate God and who hate Man....tell us how to think today...and plan in the open; our future.

    Well, it's a "brave new world" after all, so you might want to start getting brave now, because it's going to get a whole lot more scary.

    Just a word of advice...but who listens to me?


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