“The Coming of the Fourth American Republic”

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JBeukema, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Well...not entirely true, but really not a major flaw which in any way matters for what follows, either.

    Yeah, history is mess, without doubt.

    Yeah I can see that. The real character of our nation and its governance has changed rather considerable in the last couple centuries, without doubt.

    I actually think that 4th Republic has in the drivers seat since WWII.

    It really happened when the corporatization of America became SO dominant thanks to the Second world war and the happy state of economy which followed WWII. The ascendence of the CORPORATOCRACY which started with the FED seems fairly obvious to me.

    How thin the ice any of us happen to be standing on really depends on our relationship to those corporationscaptured control of our government, methinks.

    Most of us are already adrift in the icy cold waters of the 4th republic and more and more of us are beinging to feel the icey fingers reaching down to our bones, now.

    Social progress is in the eye of the belholder, so don't worry about it, Fab.

    Reform won't be enough, I think.

    Okay, I can buy that. The Civil war was the Federalization of our Republic of States.

    I put it back to 1913 when the banking establishment gained control over the economy.

    This was more the FIRST real implementation of the FED power that they gained in 1913, and it also helped to cement the power which control over currency really gave the that corporatocracy.

    Contrary to popular belief, there is really only ONE special interest that this nation serves...the special interest of the obscene wealthy and their servant class. that's, of course, the heart of what makes me appear to many of you as a leftist.

    Oh I suspect one hell of a lot of lawyers understand perfectly why special interests powers are antithetical to democracy. NOt that most of them who are part of that cozy system mind, too much, of course.

    YUP! The end of an historic epoch and a radical sift from one system to another is often marked by a seeming indefeatibility of the institutions which are in power.

    The fatal flaw of most governments is found in what originally was their greatest strength. Power corrupts everything sooner or later.

    An economic system which insures that power begats still more power and virtually insures that them what hain't got power will forever be outside the walls of the citadel would be my FIRST insoluable problem were I listing those problems that will eventually destroy this republic.

    I doubt this system we have will last till 2050 to be honest.

    People are frightened.

    Justifying so, I think.

    Of course, frightened people are themselves part of the problem, but given the amount of sheer bullshit they're constantly being exposed to, people sense, rather than understand that something is terribly wrong with the system as it stand right now.

    They may be blaming all the wrong people, their solutions might be completely insane, but they're very sane in sensing that something is going completely off kilter with what we've ALL come to expect as citizens of this once great republic.

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