The Climate Tax

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    Kimberley Strassel Says the Climate Change Lobby Is Beginning to Realize That Cap and Trade Is a Tax -

    And not just a tax, indeed, but the most destructive tax imaginable.

    Dance with the devil and you'd better expect third degree burns.

    As is every Obama tax scheme about social welfare transfer.

    So the tax cut for 95% of Americans is a moot point no? We will ALL bear the burden of the climate tax.

    In short another tax to the tune of possibly trillions of dollars over the next ten years. And for what? To save the planet? To "create" green jobs?

    Yeah right.

    Congress sympathetic to the burdens of new taxes? HA!

    It's not an earmark if it is to save the planet is it?

    Imagine that, the bill died when Congress's plans to use the money was exposed. Yeah that's your government taking care of you all right.

    So folks your "tax cut" is not a tax cut in fact it will be a tax increase that will be passed on to you via higher energy prices, not to mention higher prices for everything you but from Apples to I pods.

    Imagine that, the government cutting deals to see how much more of your money it can take and keep. This is "change"

    This is a tax and nothing but a tax. If I were you, I'd start writing my representatives and fast. Not that they'll listen but at least you would have done something.

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