The Bourne Identity...the tv movie?

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    i have never seen this. anyone ever see this? how does it compare to the new version?

    The Bourne Identity (1988) (TV)

    Plot Summary: A man is washed ashore the beach of a small French village during a heavy storm. A retired doctor takes care of the unconscious stranger... (more)

    User Comments: Jaclyn Smith is an extremely beautiful actress. (more)

    User Rating: 6.6/10 (737 votes)

    Cast overview, first billed only:
    Richard Chamberlain .... Jason Bourne
    Jaclyn Smith .... Marie St. Jacques
    Anthony Quayle .... Gen. Villiers
    Donald Moffat .... David Abbott
    Yorgo Voyagis .... Carlos
    Peter Vaughan .... Fritz Koenig
    Denholm Elliott .... Geoffrey Washburn
    Bruce Boa .... Sen. Crawford
    James Faulkner .... D'Anjou
    James Laurenson .... Gillette
    Philip Madoc .... D'Armacourt
    Jacqueline Pearce .... Madame Jacqui
    Shane Rimmer .... Gen. Conklin
    Michael Anthony .... French priest
    Robert Arden .... Stevens

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