The beauty of Korea 1 -Tongyeong

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    Have you ever heard Korea's Gyeongnam tongyeong? Tongyeong is located to South of Korea and known as "the culture & art city". Toyeong story road is there and this road is suitable for people who want to talk a walk peacefully.

    Toyeong eya road is divided into 1st and 2st section. 1st section has a great ocean view and cultural heritages. Especially we can feel Korean artists' soul and heart to trace their lives in Tong-yeong.

    (Admiral Lee sun-shin, Artist Jun hyeok-lim and Lee joong-sub, Writer Yu chi-hwan and Park gyeong-li, Poet Kim chun-su)

    After walking through the submarine tunnel, we can arrive at 2st section and there is an island "Mi leuk-do" that has a good view too. This 2 section is along the coastline and people can be fully refreshed here.

    [ame=]The beauty of Korea 1 -Tongyeong (What's up Korea) - YouTube[/ame]

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