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    In hybrid language You could even call it "Teufelstechnologie" straight out of Nazi Hell:
    But, fellow Americans...we are fellows now after all these years...yes?... let`s not deny the roots:

    and here is "Schwerer Gustav" took out a munitions dump 30 miles away under 30 meters of Lake water + 10 meters steel re-enforced concrete + 1meter steel armor plating with one single round!'


    check ou the recoil, Gustav always had all wheel brakes locked!

    Gustav was very mobile and could switch locations rather rapidly...
    The french "Maginot line pill boxes" everybody said we Germans could not take in a Blizkrieg...why bother...we just went around and blew them up later!

    Scheisse sometimes it just won`t let You go to the top video unless You clear all you forums cookies out of your browser cache..!!
    Or come back here without logging in...same thing...then You don`t have this annoying cookie
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