Sudan Says not Hopeful of Security Council Resolution against Israel

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    Khartoum – The Sudanese government reiterated its condemnation of Israeli aggression and vowed to pursue legal proceedings against the aggressor.

    We are not hopeful of a Security Council resolution condemning Israel because Israel is protected by the veto, said Mohamed Bushara Dousa, Sudan's Justice Minister, in his speech yesterday to an international conference for solidarity with Sudan against Israeli aggression convened in Khartoum.

    He urged the international community to be fair in taking its decisions towards African countries. Aggression against Sudan should receive more than mere condemnation because it violates the international law and threatens international peace and security, he said.

    The Justice Minister called on the AU Peace and Security Council to hold an emergency meeting on Israeli aggression on Sudan because it is an aggression on Africa. He said the AUPSC should submit the recommendation of the meeting to the Security Council so that the aggressor is punished and the victims are compensated.

    He also called on the Arab and African NGOs to speak out against aggression. He said Sudan would implement the recommendations of the conference.

    The conference aims to unify NGOs to expose practices of the Zionist entity, said Ibrahim Abdul Halim, chairman of the national human rights group.

    Participants called on Israel to stop repeated atrocities against countries and also urged Sudan to practically respond to the aggression.

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