Study: U.S. Flag Only Boosts GOP or Time for Left to remove Flag from Public Places

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    this does not speak well for Papa Obama and our dreams to build a Progressive utopia

    Just a brief exposure to an image of the American flag shifts voters, even Democrats, to Republican beliefs, attitudes and voting behavior even though most don't believe it will impact their politics, according to a new two-year study just published in the scholarly Psychological Science.

    What's more, according to three authors from the University Chicago, Cornell University and Hebrew University, the impact had staying power.

    -We must, effective immediately, remove the flag from our events.

    -We must fight in court the placement of the flag in any public places
    with the argument that it infringes on people's rights

    -We must hide behind our favorite causes to complete this mission- it is for children; it is racist; it offends the lower classes

    The flag must go, so our Progressive dreams can live on


    But what can we ever replace it with....?
    We need to start a "grass roots" movement to replace with something
    that is more befitting Papa Obama and our goals

    Perhaps, a few suggestions


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