St. Patrick's Day: Axiomatic

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    This pluralism-memento blurb (my last one I believe) is in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

    Anyone a fan of the film The Secret of Roan Inish?




    All St. Patrick's Day parties should include some kind of festive ingestives (food and drink). This could be sour-cream-and-onion pancakes and Guinness beer or even pumpkin pie and Irish cream-liqueur milkshakes! The point is to be hospitable so as to honor the welcoming 'flavor' of the culture-themed holiday/celebration.


    Any small town in America might be host to a colorful St. Patrick's Day high school parade or music concert or dance in which students dress up in fancy Irish-colored uniforms/dress. This is all great.


    And then there're the parties. You might just want to drink a lot at a NYC pub or find a nightclub in Chicago to dress up and get into the late hours surrounded by festive people of your age-group. Then again, you might just invite your favorite three friends over to your house, drink lots of Irish punch and then watch The Secret of Roan Inish on your HDTV(!). Whatever my Irish fans...


    All St. Patrick's Day parties should offer some kind of memorabilia such as funny/cute holiday stickers and tags. Take these home with you to remember what you learned about St. Patrick's Day. After all, you need something to remember this stuff when you grow old and reminisce in a retirement-home...


    All specialty-drinks are in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I might make a frothy milk-and-yogurt drink with cinnamon-spice rum or some great Brandy. Then you might use some glass jars and some nice/convenient drinking-straws. St. Patrick's Day is not considered 'heresy' and in many ways it's the perfect 'mainstream' foil to Halloween/Samhain (October), so feel free to feel simply happy about multiculturalism.


    A cool St. Patrick's Day party host might dress in a great green Mad Hatter costume and post a picture of himself on the actual invitation. This is after all the Era of Cinema and Entertainment.


    And you can always ask your daughter to serve up some great mint beer.


    Always offer green and lace and maybe red-rose tabletop decorations in a tent-party for St. Patrick's Day if tent-parties are your thing(!). Of course there are variations, but then again, why fool with things that never fail to work...


    A high school spirited town might even hoist a St. Patrick's Day parade and you'll notice townsfolk, teachers, and popular kids in festive dress marching to remind people of the basic happiness of living in America. Then blog about it on the Internet!


    Accent your St. Patrick's Day experience with the right Irish music. You can find basically anything these days on YouTube. Or, just purchase something on Ask your parents first of course. Make some hash-brownies and dance a bit too!


    As you roam around a more urban environment, take note of special St. Patrick's Day lights and skyscraper decorations meant to remind you that multiculturalism in America is simply...photogenic. You might notice celebrities toasting the holiday (e.g., Billy Crudup, Julie Bowen, Connie Nielsen, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Kurt Russell, Julia Roberts, Casey Affleck, Katie McGrath, Enya, Michael Fassbender, etc.).


    GOD: I worry about St. Patrick's Day terrorism...
    SATAN: That's why we have Homeland Security.
    GOD: It seems the government is even worried!
    SATAN: Everyone drinks on St. Patrick's Day.
    GOD: Sure. And you might even see a leprechaun.
    SATAN: True, but there's always the concern about calamity.
    GOD: Modern traffic is clouded by 'troubles.'
    SATAN: What we really need is more 'pedestrian idealism.'
    GOD: Isn't that why we have movies?
    SATAN: Maybe President Donald Trump can offer a cool political casino.




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