Skylab v ISS: toilet jokes: 30 years later, Russia, not NASA is the script writer

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    Skylab v ISS final act: toilet jokes: 30 years later Russia not NASA writes the jokes

    One of the jokes included in the "Fall of Skylab" script was about the toilet. (1)

    29 years later the jokes included in "Fall of ISS" script begun to focus on the toilet at an earlier stage than in the case of Skylab. And this time it is Russia writing the jokes. (2)

    1 year later the toilet jokes go as far as RussiaToday TV having the NASA "astronaut" denying in a press conference mutually assured payment for use of toilets ("I deny that we have to pay for using the russian toilet; russian astronauts also do not pay for using our toilet"). (3)
    Thia act was included in the "ISS: Step into Abyss" act, staged by RussiaToday TV today. (4)

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