Simple minded Republicans don't understand the world is a "complex" place

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rdean, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Republicans talk about "fixing government", but every plan sounds more like "tear it down and replace it with nothing". In their binary and simplistic world, it's either this or that and nothing in between.

    Either government is a nanny state that runs every aspect of your life from birth to death, even including death panels or you are completely and 100% on your own. Those are the two and only two choices according to Republicans. It's like that with everything. It's the extreme this or the extreme that and nothing in between.

    And the examples are legion:

    Foreign policy: McCain is now the "old man of foreign policy" for the Republican Party. And look at what he wants. Bomb Iran, give weapons to rebels in Syria, give weapons to rebels in Libya, give weapons to rebels in Egypt, we are all Georgians and so on. Simplistic answers that all lead to disaster. Something like sending a computer virus to Iranian (which happened under Obama) centrifuges would never occur to John McCain.

    The Obama administration has taken China to the WTO Court 15 times winning 11 cases. Romney never mentioned the existence of the count. Do you know how hard it is to win such a case?

    And the US is number one in science and technology. Under Republicans we can't maintain that edge. Not with people who believe education is for snobs and science is a conspiracy.


    Culture: Scientists and Bush administration at odds - US News and World Report

    To date, more than 6,000 scientists—including 49 Nobel laureates and 154 members of the U.S. National Academies of Science—have signed the UCS statement ["Restoring Scientific Integrity in Policymaking"]. They charge, among other things, that the Bush administration has manipulated scientific advisory committees, altered and suppressed reports by government scientists, and misrepresented scientific knowledge in contentious areas such as global warming, air pollution, and reproductive health.


    I can't name a single GOP policy that isn't equally simplistic. Maybe that's why they resonate so well with the base. "Cut taxes for billionaires and they will make jobs". See? Sounds very simple. It's never worked, but it sounds simple.

    Invade Iraq and give them democracy.

    Remove regulations and companies will create jobs.

    Only we invaded Iraq and now they hate our guts and threw shoes at the president.

    Remove regulations and companies figured out ways to scam and collapsed the economy.

    For every "simple" and "simple to understand" Republican policy put into place, we end up staring at another disaster.

    I think we need a government that should be big where it needs to be big. I think we need educated and smart people who will look out for and protect the best interests of the country. And we need to stop listening to those who believe education and understanding are negatives.

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