Shiva-Xeno: Capitalism Drug Abuse

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    This is a modernism meditation between Shiva (Hindu god of meditation) and the Xenomorph (fictional predatory creature from the iconic dystopian Alien sci-fi horror-film franchise) regarding sociocultural philosophy.

    Can we coordinate 'TrumpUSA' with capitalism-propaganda without feeling shallow or unethical?



    SHIVA: Have you seen Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut?
    XENO: Yes, it's a treatise on intellectual voyeurism...
    SHIVA: Cruise and Kidman are perfect!
    XENO: They were cast for their symbolic value I think.
    SHIVA: Yes, it's the Age of Celebrity.
    XENO: You ever fantasize about your parents having sex?
    SHIVA: Everyone's 'considered' the parameters of such 'vice.'
    XENO: Yes, it's a natural 'anxiety,' and Kubrick addressed it.
    SHIVA: Kubrick was in his older years in 1999.
    XENO: That Cruise-Kidman film was Kubrick's final masterpiece.
    SHIVA: Maybe it was an allegory of Adam and Eve (Bible).
    XENO: Christians believe Adam and Eve are naturally tempted!
    SHIVA: Modern media offers much stimuli regarding 'distraction.'
    XENO: Maybe Adam and Eve were meant to fight alongside on a battlefield.
    SHIVA: Maybe Eyes Wide Shut is meant to remind us that sin is 'real.'
    XENO: Yes, in the film, the husband and wife start to doubt each other's fidelity.
    SHIVA: Kubrick was suggesting that normal human emotions require 'analysis.'
    XENO: That's rather unusual; you'd think 'normal behavior' requires no evaluation!
    SHIVA: There's nothing wrong with 'panic meditation.'
    XENO: What if terrorism is mean to incite 'illuminating panic' (e.g., 9/11)?
    SHIVA: The destruction of the World Trade Center represented modernism insanity!
    XENO: They should make video-games about unnatural fury (e.g., Rampage).



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