Shiva-Athena: Capitalism's Abyss (Metaphysics?)

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    This is a fictional exchange between Shiva (Hindu god of meditation and destruction) and Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom and war) regarding the bottomless-pit opened up by the contradictions between capitalism and democracy.

    The exchange references American female politician Hillary Clinton and the complicated legal anti-monopoly case U.S. vs. Microsoft.

    Can open-minded dialogue regarding socio-political 'negotiation' in this modern age of media (and hence free-speech values) offer us insightful ideas regarding American harmony?




    Shiva wanted to engage with Athena since the two were so similar. Shiva was after all the god of meditation and destruction, and Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war! Shiva and Athena agreed about many things regarding meditation/wisdom but disagreed about the faces of destruction/war. Athena carried an olive-branch signifying peace, while Shiva sometimes carried a musical-drum signifying harmony. Shiva wanted to talk to Athena about how the discrepancies and contradictions between capitalism and democracy opened up a hellmouth (or 'bottomless pit') to which there seemed to be no real exorcism. Athena agreed to engage with Shiva as long as their discussion involved the practical criticisms involving capitalism complexity. The bottomless pit was, after all, an endless region of confusion and chaos --- a place where demons and fire 'dwelt.


    SHIVA: Capitalism creates 'celebrities.'
    ATHENA: Yes, democracy favors success celebrations.
    SHIVA: The celebrity-managed Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is eco-conscious!
    ATHENA: There are certainly aspects of celebrity conducive to democracy...
    SHIVA: Yet, celebrity fosters all kinds of idol-worship and vice (e.g., avarice).
    ATHENA: Yes, American consumerism is considered a 'cholesterol-culture.'
    SHIVA: So, democracy favors dialogue, while capitalism creates avarice!
    ATHENA: Precisely, which is why capitalism and democracy seem 'incompatible.'
    SHIVA: They're not 'completely' incompatible, since commerce is negotiable.
    ATHENA: True; the European Union is commerce-based democracy!
    SHIVA: Everytime someone thinks of Wall Street, he/she thinks of 'sharks.'
    ATHENA: Everytime someone thinks of the White House, he/she thinks of 'fashion.'
    SHIVA: Yes, capitalism can be cutthroat, while democracy can be ornamental.
    ATHENA: That's why there's incompatibility; just like U.S. vs. Microsoft.
    SHIVA: Yes, that legal case pronounced a democratic renunciation of unlimited capitalism!
    ATHENA: If you look at the presidential-campaign of Hillary Clinton, you see 'complexity.'
    SHIVA: True; Hillary tried to 'win' for all American women, but failed...
    ATHENA: Here, we see a competitive 'spirit' in the arena of democracy!
    SHIVA: Translating this democratic competitiveness to capitalism's might create harmony.
    ATHENA: Perhaps female venture-capitalists promote 'gender-equality.'
    SHIVA: Interesting...DKNY is owned by businesswoman/designer Donna Karan.
    ATHENA: Let's suggest then that the successes of DKNY reveals a 'social idealism.'
    SHIVA: True; in that case, there's something 'fashionable' about democracy!
    ATHENA: Indeed; this seems to be the best way to negotiate capitalism with democracy.
    SHIVA: Hail to the fashion world!
    ATHENA: Did you see the fashion-industry film The Devil Wears Prada?
    SHIVA: Yes, that 'savvy' film starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway is symbolic.
    ATHENA: We should compare Donna Karan to Bill Gates or Bill Clinton!
    SHIVA: Yes, Bill Clinton was once a 'trendy president.'
    ATHENA: How can we reduce the cynical chatter about TrumpUSA and Hillary?
    SHIVA: Maybe the fact that Hillary ran against Trump is symbolic...
    ATHENA: You believe in complete destruction, while I believe in serious analysis.
    SHIVA: I prefer apocalyptic catharsis to pensive engagements...
    ATHENA: You should teach a course at Yale/Duke titled "War and Economics."
    SHIVA: Sure. Didn't Reaganomics offer a legacy of fierce intrigue (e.g., NATO)?
    ATHENA: It's arguable but considerable; perhaps Hillary should market NASDAQ.
    SHIVA: Why not? Women in politics should discuss tech-oriented trends...
    ATHENA: The cure to the terrible Hellmouth is Wal-Mart(!).


    Shiva and Athena were pleased with their exchange about the complicated contradictions between capitalism and democracy. They had concluded that women in business and gender-equality issues in America create intriguing discussions about the 'harmony' between enterprise/capitalism and democracy/society. Shiva wondered if gender-relations could elucidate valuable ideas regarding the troubles in civilization, and Athena wondered how commerce could forge valuable dialogue regarding political liaisons (e.g., North Korea and South Korea). Shiva realized Athena was quite imaginative about politics, and Athena discovered Shiva was rather intuitive about commerce-oriented convictions! An intellectual friendship was about to ensue (and perhaps America could benefit!).



    SHIVA vs. ATHENA (Christina Doan)

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