School Levies Fail Miserably

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    I imagine, as in Ohio, the vast majority of school levies throughout the country went down the tubes. Many schools will be faced with not only cutting extracurricular activities, but cutting teachers also. Last year, our school district (Sylavania) let go of 45 teachers, and now with the failed levy, the district is facing a deficit of $10 million by 2012 and the deficit will likely balloon to $40 million by 2014.

    In Toledo, the Toledo Public School levy failed by a near 60 to 40 margin. Most likely, all sports will be cut from TPS along with the closing of more schools. Class size will likely increase dramatically. This seems to be the scenario faced by school systems throughout Ohio.

    Unfortunately, there are no real good answers. The money has to come from somewhere, and if it doesn't come from the taxpayers, then I guess our kids will suffer. The bigger question is what effect this will have on our communities. With extracurricular activities being cut, what will replace these activities? Most of us took these things for granted growing up, but now we are short changing our kids educational experience.

    I don't have any answers; just throwing it out there.
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