Russian fires

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    Anybody from the West Coast can sympathize with what the Russians are dealing with. 102 degrees in Moscow today with dangerous levels of air pollution from the fires.

    Russian emergency crews are fighting 334 forest fires covering an area of 81,321 hectares (201,000 acres), as Moscow remains wrapped in smoke from burning peat bogs east of the city.

    Firefighters extinguished 367 blazes across the country in the last 24 hours, including 47 on peat bogs drained for agriculture in the Soviet era, the Emergency Situations Ministry said on its website today. Of the bog fires, 43 occurred in the Moscow region. Since the start of the fire season, 21,209 fires have claimed 449,634 hectares of forest.

    Moscow authorities asked motorists to avoid the city center “in order not to aggravate the already difficult environmental situation,” the transportation department said on its website. A “sharp burning smell” has pervaded the entire city, and “particularly intense smog” has settled in the south, southeast and east of the city, the department said.

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