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    When Drew Peterson's 4th wife, Stacey, went missing in 2007, all eyes turned to the usually quiet suburb of Bolingbrok, Illinois.
    Peterson, a police sargeant at the time, became the lead suspect in her disappearance and when news of his 3rd wife's mysterious death surfaced, the story made even more attention.
    Now, actor Rob Lowe will play Peterson in a Lifetime movie about the case. Sources say the producers will really have to "ugly" Lowe up for the part.
    And apparently, Drew Peterson was disappointed, because he wanted Denzel Washington to play him.
    Peterson has been in prison since May 2009 after the body of his 3rd wife was exhumed and he was charged with her death. He denies all charges, saying his 3rd wife drowned in the family tub. The first autopsy went in his favor, and on the death certificate, it was listed as accidental drowning. But, after her body was exhumed and a second autopsy was performed, they found indications that were never mentioned in the first autopsy, and the findings were conclusive that his 3rd wife was murdered.
    According to the photos, yep- they are going to have to get some ugly going on :lol:

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