Return election of Senators to state legislatures?

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How should Senators be elected?

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  1. Have State Legislatures elect Senators

  2. Keep it as it is

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    I've read in several threads of people wanting a return to the orginal constitution. One aspect that got changed in the early 1900's was the change in the way senetors were elected to Congress. According to the original Constitution
    Is it time to take the peoples vote away and return it to the state legislatures the way the founding fathers intended it to be?

    I used to think the people should have the right to choose but only half the people vote and only the acitivists and few citizens do it. Because of the quality of people we are sending to this office it seems to me the state legislature might end up choosing better Senators. Corruption and undue influence was behind the chang in the last century so that will always be a possibility but now the only ones who get elected are rich anyway.

    What do you think?

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