Retired General: McCain, Pete King Putting American Lives At Risk

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    Retired General: McCain, Pete King Putting American Lives At Risk

    I just got off the phone with retired General Paul Eaton, who is best known for training Iraqi troops during the Bush years, and he offered scathing criticism of John McCain and Pete King for demanding that the Obama administration refrain from Mirandizing the Times Square bomb suspect.

    General Eaton bluntly said McCain and King are potentially putting American lives at risk.

    Eaton, a political independent who says he’s voted for both Republicans and Democrats, ripped McCain and King’s comments as “wholly inappropriate,” adding that not Mirandizing the suspect risks making it tougher to win a prosecution of him in court.

    “I don’t understand how a Senator or a Congressman can challenge the Mirandizing procedure,” Eaton, who is also a senior adviser at the Dem-leaning National Security Network, told me. “The laws are clear. Rep. King and Senator McCain have advocated a position that could cost us this case.”

    Eaton added that there’s no way the suspect will ever be tried in a military tribunal, and said that his trial was certain to take place in the civilian court system.

    “The offense occured at Times Square,” he said. “It’s not a military venue. He’s an American citizen. The military has no juristiction.”

    Eaton added that not Mirandizing the suspect put evidence at risk of getting tossed out of court, and put the suspect at risk of being released, a potential security threat.

    “A failure to follow the Miranda requirement could cost us the case, which would be a national security issue, potentially putting Americans at risk,” he said.

    [ame=]Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, Ret. lambastes the GOP for politicizing terror[/ame]

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