Redefining the role of government - Security

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    Redefining the role of government - Security

    In the wake of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, it's imperative America redefines the role of law enforcement - specifically our own mindset when it comes it.

    No longer can the American people sit back in liberal fashion, do nothing, and expect that someone else can keep them safe 24x7. That goal is impossible. That goal would be impossible even if the government could assign you an individual to provide a 24x7 personal security detail for you. It's time we get out of the failed liberal mind set that "it's someone else's job". You and YOU ALONE are responsible for your personal security. You must take the time and expense necessary to build the skillsets required to provide for your own security.

    I've talked to hundreds and hundreds of officers over the years and every single one of them will tell you the exact same thing: "I can't be everywhere". It's just a reality. And even the ideological liberal knows it. Which means, common sense dictates that you are responsible for your own security.

    The first step is to change the mind set of how the American people view law enforcement. You simply cannot afford to make the naive liberal mistake of believing that law enforcement is there to "protect" you. In fact, our laws make that impossible. A person can only be arrested AFTER they have committed a crime. That means, you've already been a victim. There is nearly zero proactive measures that law enforcement can take to ensure your protection, because proactive measures are counter to the freedoms and rights guaranteed us in the U.S. Constitution.

    Therefore, it is imperative that the American people view themselves as the primary security force for themselves and those around them, and that actual law enforcement is understood to be what it actually is - a Quick Reaction Force (QRF). For those not in the military or security fields, a Quick Reaction Force is exactly what is sounds like. A team standing by, prepared to respond rapidly to developing situations. That is the textbook definition of law enforcement. They have the tools, training, and communications necessary to make them capable - and most importantly, available - for developing situations. But they are not, and cannot be, the primary security force due to their limited availability and the rights and freedoms which prevent proactive measures.

    Which means each and every individual is their own primary security force and law enforcement is their QRF. And just like no special forces unit in the world would head out untrained and unarmed simply because they knew they had a QRF team at their disposal, neither should any citizen head outside of their home untrained and unarmed because their city has a police department at their disposal. Doing so creates the type of mass victim count we have seen at places like Aurora, Colorado.

    America, personal responsibility is the answer to every single problem we face. And no where is that more evident than in the law enforcement/security sector. You are begging to become a victim/statistic if you refuse to take personal responsibility for your security and instead outsource that to law enforcement agents that cannot possibly be everywhere at once.

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