Reagan assistant SoT on the press

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    Sheila Casey: Former Wall St. Journal editor savages the mainstream media

    This guy aint mincing any words.

    Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and served as associate editor of The Wall Street Journal.

    In his January 7 column, Roberts recommended that we look to non-American sources, such as Haaretz in Israel, or the Asia Times, for unbiased reporting. He deplored the state of American mainstream media:

    Today reporters write the stories that their masters want to hear, or they are out. The function of editors is to make certain that no uncomfortable information reaches the public.

    The public is slowly catching on, and the print media is slowly dying. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times are all on the ropes to one extent or the other.

    Americans are still subjected to Fox "News" and CNN propaganda piped into airport waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, and exercise centers. It is very much the situation that George Orwell describes in 1984.

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