Parasitic constitutions

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    Answer: A few countries allow gun ownership accompanied by strict registration rules which is no Right at all. Only Americans have the absolute Right to own guns without registering them.

    The question should be: Who is writing those constitutions? Answer: Parasites are writing constitutions. It’s as simple as that.

    The deliberate omission of the Right to bear arms while including so-called Rights that must be paid for with tax dollars confirms my longstanding objection to funding the parasite class. It is my contention that parasites brought down every civilization, every empire, every prosperous country from within. Historians concentrated on the accepted causes for the decline and fall of nations and empires; so they never looked for proof supporting my argument. To be fair, proof might be so obscure it is impossible to find; whereas, the details about wars, armies, laws, and the moral decay of ruling classes is readily available for examination.

    NOTE: The Soviet Union actually passed an anti-parasite law:

    1961: Anti-Parasite Law

    Anti-Parasite Law

    Ironically, Communists were combating parasites while American Socialists were building a parasite class with tax dollars. Soviet Communists could not deal with their parasite class because collectivism is parasitic by nature. America is surely as doomed as the Soviet Union if American parasites are not driven away from the public trough. No law is needed in America. The US Constitution already covers it. IF IT AIN’T IN THE CONSTITUTION YOU CAN’T DO IT. Just don’t fund parasites no matter what touchy-feely crap name it goes by.

    Because mountains of information can be stored electronically there is a good chance future historians looking for the reasons that brought America down might find proof of the parasite class’ insidious dismantling of America’s greatness. Will historians interpret the information correctly? Only time will tell.

    Global parasites

    Everything else has gone global; so it is foolish to think parasites would not follow. If parasites brought down nations as I suspect, they established global objectives as far back as the UN’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That filthy document is the foundation for all of the constitutions being written by parasites.

    Finally, parasites will bring down the world just as they’ve always brought down nations, empires, and civilizations. Only when they bring down the world they will rebuild it with centuries of government tyranny and no individual liberties worth mentioning. The best of humankind who always advanced civilization by building new empires to replace the ones parasites destroyed will have no place to go in a one government world.

    Here’s the link about the Right to own guns:

    'A Legal Backwater'
    By Seth Lipsky from the April 2012 issue

    The American Spectator : 'A Legal Backwater'
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