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    It turns out that intead of "Hiding Out In The Mountainous Region of The Pakistan/Afghan Border" as was long claimed by the shrub and dick(less), Usama was in fact hiding in plain site.

    He built a Million Dollar ($1,000,000.00) Mansion Abbottabad, about an hour from Islamabad, the Capitol City of Pakistan. In fact, he built his home about as close as he could be to a Military Base.

    Pakistan, can at best be called a very reluctant Ally. Musharaff was dictator who tried his best (and for the most part was very good at it) of both ends against the middle. He signed a treaty with al_Qeada that gave them basically a sanctury in the Northern Mountains. Allowing al_Qeada to run free, set-up puppet government and terrorize the local population. With little or no interference from Islamabad.

    georgie and dickie were so damn hot to invade Iraq that they all but gave up on Afghanistan, setting one of their Oil Buddy types as Prez, and thought that the rising influence of Iran would be dealt with a later date, they were never able to invade.

    For Five and One Half (5 1/2) years Usama lived in his own compound, without phone or internet and burning his garbage, and no one said a damn thing.

    When Usma was killed, it was because some nit wit on his staff used a cell phone (sorry righties, no torture, no water boarding...more like "Can you Hear Me Now?" ).

    Pakisan has a Government that is unstable at best and frought with religious and financial corruption. Bhutto was murdered, Musharaff turned a blind eye to that, blaming her security team.

    Pakistan was the country that recognized the Taliban when it formed a Government in Afghanistan, and helped fund al_Qeada.

    If this is an Ally, then we need to make new ones. The problem is, Pakistand and India both have the Bomb. We are stuck with a Ally who we cannot trust. "If Pakistan is unwilling or unable to act against Bin Laden, then I will act without them". Senator and now President Barack H. Obama.

    Paksitan made a choice, they gave safe haven and comfort to Bin Laden and the Taliban. Hell Daniel Pearl died there.

    Some fucking ally.
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