“the day after”

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    Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan\ Iraq, Immigration Reform.[/B]

    If you believe by cutting of the head of the snake weakens him and he eventually dies, he grows another head and become stronger than ever. Killing Sam did not weaken terrorism but made it stronger because he is now a martyr and have more influence then when he was alive. His death will inspire other to lead and follow.

    The “day after” we leave Afghanistan it will revert back to it’s old way because it is not strong enough to stand against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The people are too weak and don’t want freedom enough to fight for it themselves. Especially when 10% of Afghanistan age 15 -54 are drug addicts. The first thing we should have done was to destroy all the poppy fields which is financing terrorism.

    Afghanistan will never be able to stand alone. If it is not us, it will be the Taliban and if we leave it will all have been in vain. Which means we never should gone in at all.

    The “day after” Iraq 400 terrorist were rescued for prison by Al Qaeda. There resolve of terrorist is much more then ours. Our borders are still not secure and terrorist are crossing will illegal aliens. If we had kept America safe from within, 9-11 never would have happen and it will happen again be cause we don’t have a secure America. And we would not have 20 million illegal aliens and drug cartels pitching tents in our national forest and growing gardens.

    We are not safer today than we were yesterday.

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