Pa. mayor cuts city workers' pay to minimum wage

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    Pa. mayor cuts city workers' pay to minimum wage | US National Headlines | Comcast

    A fiscal and political crisis in the nearly-broke northeastern Pennsylvania city of Scranton deepened Tuesday as public employee unions sought to have the mayor held in contempt of court after he defied a judge and slashed workers' pay to minimum wage.
    "It's incredible," the unions' attorney, Thomas Jennings, said Tuesday. "I've never had a public official just say, 'I'm not going to obey a court order. I'm not even going to try. He can't tell me what to do.'"

    Doherty is locked in a dispute with Scranton's city council over a financial recovery plan as it faces a $16.8 million budget deficit. The mayor didn't return a phone message from The Associated Press on Tuesday, but he told the Times-Tribune of Scranton on Monday that his administration and the council remained at stalemate over the $85 million budget.

    Good ,its about time these fuck-sticks get a dose of reality, all city ,state,federal employees need to be payed what there worth -minimum wage.....guess that shared sacrifice means nothing to them,just make the poor taxpayers shit some more gold nuggets

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