Overtones of Hu Jintao¡¯s Speech at UN

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    Office of Military Strategies, the Shadow Government of China:The Overtones of Hu Jintao¡¯s Speech at UN
    World-Chinese Net
    9/25/2005 5:00:00 AM

    Office of National Military Strategies, the Shadow Government of China

    The speech given by Hu Jintao at the general meeting of the United Nations really served to set the mind of the world leaders at rest. China expressed its intention to ¡°rise peacefully,¡± ¡°China¡¯s development will not harm any country¡¯s interest;¡± China wants to carry out ¡°multi-lateral cooperation¡± with any countries. This rhetoric transformed Zhu Chenghu¡¯s coercions about waging a nuclear war and Chi Haotian¡¯s speeches circulating in the internet into something nonsensical that they uttered after getting drunk, into a mere false alarm that temporarily disconcerted the world.

    Is it the true case?

    We still remember when the People¡¯s Congress of China made the decision in the part March for Jiang Zemin to hand over his last authority, Mr. Zhang Hongbao wrote an article entitled ¡°CCP¡¯s Lethal Weapons and its Global Strategic Goal.¡± At a first glance, this article may appear to have made some unverifiable predictions about the future, but in retrospect, this article touched upon the most sensitive, vital part of the Chinese Communist authorities.

    First of all, for the well-informed people, the current CCP regime stays in Jiang Zemin¡¯s tight control. Before he reports himself to Beijing Babaoshan Cemetery, his demonic ambition to rule over the world and reign over the globe will remain alive.

    Secondly, a series of CCP¡¯s lethal weapons have been deployed in pre-war exercises. Are the great power outage in Indonesia and the hurricane in the United States really the result of natural disasters? August 15 of this year was the anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. On the same day Japan¡¯s government officials went to the National Shrine for the Dead Warriors to pay their respect. And on August 16, a great earthquake hit Tokyo. What a coincidence! As for the recent hurricane that attacked the United States recently, some meteorologists have discovered certain traces of human manipulation. That fact that it took place on the eve of America¡¯s commemoration of 9/11 and Hu Jintao¡¯s visit to the United States clearly indicates that someone has been trying to use ¡°environmental weapons¡± to give a lesson to the United States.

    Back then did it occur to the Japanese that the Americans would resort to dropping atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima? No! But Americans did play the nuclear game and the war did come to an end. Did it occur to Hitler that his opponent, the ally forces, would land on Normandy? No! But the ally forces did invade Europe at that place and Hitler met his destiny!

    During a chat with someone called Yan, I came to know that when Zhang Hongbao was hot and popular in Beijing, a certain government agency in Bejing invited him to tour a site where researches were being conducted on man-made earthquakes, people with special capabilities and their application in war. No wonder Zhang Hongbao could have come up with such accurate depiction of CCP¡¯s lethal weapons, making it easy for us to understand why Jiang Zemin has been so persistent in trying to get rid of Zhang Hongbao.

    Now what are the overtones of Hu Jintao¡¯s speech? The message is: the war is imminent.

    CCP carried out an online survey to find out the Chinese young people¡¯s responses to the question whether at wartime the prisoners of war, women and children could be shot at; CCP had Chi Haotian¡¯s speeches pasted on the websites and Zhu Chenghu¡¯s blatant coercions about waging a nuclear war. All these were actually psychological tests administrated by Jiang Zemin¡¯s regency team on the mindsets of the party, military forces and the people, as well as the foreigners. Here threats are mostly intended as coercions, because CCP is not ready yet. At the same time these threats are intended as a tactic to lull the opponents¡¯ vigilance. When CCP is ready to fight, it will be talking loquaciously about peace and ¡°partnerships.¡± In other words, when you hear Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao are talking loudly about ¡°strategic partnerships,¡± about ¡°promoting¡± bilateral relationship between the two countries, the war is about to come!

    People will not forget what Hitler did before he launched World War II. He first signed a peace and friendship treaty with Poland, and then within two weeks he conquered Poland through a blitzkrieg. Before his invasion of the Soviet Union, Hitler also signed a treaty of peace and friendship with Stalin. When the Soviet ambassador to Germany reported to Stalin that there were signs that Germany was about to attack the Soviet Union, Stalin ordered him back to the Soviet Union and put him in prison with the charge that he sabotaged the friendship between the Soviet Union and Germany. The second day after this ambassador had been put in prison, Hitler launched a comprehensive war against the Soviet Union. Of course, nor will people forget how Japan launched a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, and that was also conducted under an atmosphere of pace and friendship.

    When Chi Haotian clamored for launching a ¡°house cleaning¡± against the Untied States and a emigration towards Canada, Australia, and America, people generally believe that it was an idiot¡¯s sound and fury, because China¡¯s military power is far interior to that of the United States. But do you know why Japan succeeded in its surprise attack at the Pearl Harbor? The main reason is that Japan was acute enough to discover the theory that the United States was testing at that time, the theory that the air forces should attain sea supremacy as well as the strategic theory initiated by the United States that air supremacy should precede and guarantee sea supremacy. Japan took over these American strategic theories, applied them in its raid of Pearl Harbor, and achieved a stunning success. Now we are seeing a historical repetition: as early as in the 1950s the Untied States came up with the theory that the environmental weapons will be super weapons in future warfare; now CCP has taken over this theory and used its limited financial resources in a secret research of a lethal weapon that it can resort to in a future war for world hegemony. Now CCP has used environmental weapons in its prewar exercises, while the United States, the Initiator of the theory that environmental weapons will be the super weapons in the future, will be subject to the humiliation it underwent as a result of the raid on Pearl Harbor. The only thing that makes it different from what it was at the time of Pearl Harbor is that back then America still had enough forces to launch counterattacks, but today it is so vulnerable. As Mao Zedong said, ¡°the American imperialist is a paper tiger.¡±

    I wonder if people can hear these overtones in Hu Jintao¡¯s speech.

    (£ªContribution by Information Department of China shadow Government)
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