Once Again History Repeats Itself

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    Almost 100 yrs ago in Agua Prieta, Mexico which was one mile away from Douglas Az. at the time, 2 Americans were killed and 11 wounded during the Mexican Revolution (Pancho Villa).
    The City of Douglas cabled this to President William H. Taft on April 14, 1911,
    Arizona Gov. Richard Sloan requests that radical measures be taken, to protect our citizens.
    Taft's reply;
    He would not order U.S. troops to take aggressive action, and advised Americans there to place themselves where bullets cannot reach them.
    Seriously? How were they suppose to go about their daily lives? Like going to work, shopping, going to school.
    Almost a full century later Americans are still being killed along the border.
    Only the players have changed. revolutionary's are now drug cartels but still no Government Troop protection for the citizens.
    Taft was also a one term President. Will it be the same for President Obama?

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