Obama's Inconvenient Truth

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brn2bfree, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Obama's Inconvenient Truth

    Obama said...'I enherited a big deficit" and basically blaming Bush ad nauseum......Ok..I'll give him that. But check out some of the facts.

    1. Democrats ran Congress since 2007.
    2. Congress is the only one who can approve spending.
    3. Obama voted for every one of those spending bills
    (he was noted as the most liberal Senator)
    4. The deficit went up more during his first year..than Bush's 8 years...

    OK ..If he's so concerned now with the deficit..why does he want to wait till next year to work on it?...kinda like an alcoholic saying I'll quit drinking tomarrow..

    He wants to spend to get us out of this high deficit? ...hmmm? Let me read that again.

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