Obama’s immgration speech; anti-american

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    And full of left wing rhetoric.

    First, they are not IMMIGRANTS they are ILLEGAL ALIENS who have invaded this country and stealing it’s resources.
    Our immigration system is NOT broken. We allow over 200,000 immigrants to enter this country legally is proof it is not broken. Our immigration system works for us, it just do not work for illegal aliens looking for a better life. (FREEBIES)There is no comparison between immigrants of old that came through Ellis Island and those who enter this country by crossing our border illegally, disrespecting and ignoring our immigration laws. That is a direct insult to descendent of immigrants.
    Amnesty will not secure our border or stop illegal immigration. But it will continue to destroy Mexico if we continue to takes it’s young strong health workers. Don’t Mexico need it’s young and educated men and women, just like we need our young educated men and women. In our work force and in our military?

    Obama said a women from Mexico came here a year ago and joined OUR Navy. Why didn’t she join Mexico’s military who needs her more than we do? Mexico needs her and the other young Mexicans, who have joined our military, to fight in Mexico’s military for a better Mexico for all Mexicans?
    We are aiding and abetting the destruction of Mexico by taking it’s young men and women in our military and in our work force. If we need Mexico’s people to make our economy strong, would they not better serve Mexico to make Mexico’s economy strong? Illegal aliens come here for the FREEBIES we give them and their children. If Mexico were giving them FREEBIES they would stay in Mexico.
    Their working here is best for Mexico’s economy because of the billions they send back to Mexico each year instead of going into our economy to make it strong. 20 million illegal aliens here have not made our economy stronger. Our economy is failing because we pay for their education, healthcare, welfare, incarceration and housing. (and the do pay taxes, Mr. President) If we continue to take Mexico’s people, we will only have to take more in the future. Depleting our economy and our natural resources.
    Obama pep speech was for illegal aliens and not for Americans. Illegal aliens should go home to their families.
    The excuse that American born children of illegal aliens cannot go to Mexico when their parent are deported is a pig that don’t fly, because Mexicans bring children with them across the border, taking them from family and friends and the only home they have known to a different country and culture where they do not know the language. At least anchor babies already know the culture and the language of their parent’s homeland.
    Lady Liberty is falling down and has served it purpose. Let her rest in peace. She has retired because the “huddle masses” “poor and homeless” yearning to “breath free” do not apply to the people of México. We are the poor homeless and hungry. When the going get rough, the American people do not get going. They stay and fight.
    Immigration Reform cannot be implemented effectively.

    "The Simple truth is that we've
    lost control of our own borders,
    and no nation can do that and survive"

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