Obama protecting BP

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Rambunctious, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Obama is covering for BP. The Obama administration is keeping the willing state run press and media from reporting to the people and viewing the oil spill devastation.
    The $20 billion BP gave to Obama to pay damages to fisherman and others who are affected financially is laughable.
    $20 billion will be gone (if given out legitimately) it will be gone in Two months!
    Who are they kidding?
    And of course after the BP $20 billion is gone than the tax payers of America will pick up the tab.
    During the Obama deep water drilling moratorium of course BP will move 50 nautical miles to the south and pump oil for Cuba.
    Cuba will pay BP well so they can give Obama plenty of campaign cash once again.
    What a bunch of suckers the left are.

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