Obama is to America what Nero was to Rome

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    In order to just make ends meet we would have to cut our budget by 40% across the board. We know we can not touch social security period. We also know we have to pay the interest on the debt. That total is 900 billion dollars. Our income is 2.173 trillion dollars. So if we deduct 900 billion, which by the way will continue to grow as our interest grows and the baby boomers, from our income we would only have 1.273 trillion remaining for all other bills. Now if we paid all our Medicare bills that would be a further 800 billion, again knowing that will go up, and that would leave just 473 billion for the military, Medicaid, mandatory and discretionary spending, infrastructure, NASA, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, etc….Currently those items cost us 2.123 trillion which means we would need to cut all those things by like 78%. Remember this is not even addressing the debt. This is just paying the bills. And know this, even if we paid 724 billion a year to pay the debt it would take 20 years to pay it off.

    People wake up and stop acting like nothing is wrong and realize we are in big trouble. And please don’t come with the tax break on the rich as that would only generate about 10 billion a year. We have bigger problems than many of us want to believe exists. The problem is we can ignore this for a little while longer but eventually something will have to be done only problem is the longer we wait the bigger that debt gets and the bigger our interest payments become. Also now that the interest rate we are paying now is low if it goes up just a little the dollar amount will be huge.

    The end of America as we know it is coming faster than anyone can image and Obama is playing their fiddle while America burns.
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