Obama epitomizes “uncool”

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    By Sharon Sebastian Website: Welcome to Darwin's Racists!

    There is a time in everyone’s life when they need to grow up. The President that sits in the White House clings to immature associations and views himself through the “cool” vagaries of youth long gone with every year that passes. Being “cool” is the empty vessel that floats his boat both personally and politically. The maturity that provides the gravitas to deal with America’s and the world’s problems escape him.

    Personalities desperate to remain “cool” are either narcissistic or stunted or both. They yearn for “coolness” long after their expiration date. Barack Obama turned 51 years of age in the White House. It appears nothing is more important to this man, that is half a century old, than remaining “cool.” That he perceives himself more “celebrity” than president, explains his need to surround himself with celebs and rappers to confirm his “cool” cred which by now should have lost its patina. Sure, he prefers daytime talk shows instead of meeting with world leaders while the Middle East is on fire. In the wake of an American Ambassador left mutilated and dead, this sitting president goes on TV to goofily refer to himself as “eye candy,” flashing a winning smile that he hopes no one can see behind.

    There are too many great things in this post to single out. Recommend reading the entire thing @ Right Truth: OBAMA EPITOMIZES


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