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    From recent reports on Yahoo the case of the three American hikers is a foregone conclusion,. Guilty. The judge in the case has just denied the lawyer for the defense permission to see or consult with his clients until the day of the trail. No bail and the charges keep getting bigger and bigger.

    The two men left to face trail are going to jail for a long long time. They are pawns in the US/Iran confrontation. The young women was released for health issues that seem to be under control, she's just out on bail. If she goes back to stand trial with her companions she's going under the jail too.

    I am thankful that in America we have rights and are innocent until proven guilty. In Iran it's whateven the judge wants it to be. But you are guilty until proven innocent. Then they just trump up some other charges if the first ones don't stick.

    I feel for these young adults. A big chunk of their lives will be taken away. I would say 5 years.
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