Necco Valentine Conversation Hearts

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    NECCO® - Fine Candy Since 1847

    I've been a fan of Conversation Hearts for years! So, while out grocery shopping last week, I picked up my annual bag. Well, to my extreme disappointment, Necco had changed both the flavors and the texture of the classic Conversation Hearts.

    Now, this may not seem like a big deal to some of you out there, but it is to me. And I thought I'd take this opportunity to get this out in a thread to you folks across the country.

    I, along with a couple of my co-workers this morning, have called and emailed Necco, voicing our displeasure with their 2010 Sweethearts.

    The company has been making these delicious ( even though sometimes you think you may break a tooth ) little confections for 145 years. Why on earth would they change a good thing?

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