NATO-Extension into Caucasus

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    What do you think about this process?
    Georgia is since 2006 in Intensified Dialogue with NATO.
    In next years, maybe months, it will be offered Membership Action Plan.

    What do you generally think of extending the NATO into Caucasus and how this will effect Russia's role in the region and Russia's relation with NATO?

    This is a very complicate issue, as in Gorgia there are 2 russian-inhabitated provinces which are rebellious and have declared independence in the 90s, buit are not recognized by world community.
    Russia this year will abandon its soviet-time military bases from Georgia and will move them to Armenia, which is the last country under Russian control on the Caucasus.
    The Caucasus also is a bridge for Resource-pipelines to be connected with Central Asia.

    So we are especially talking about Georgia and Azerbaycan.
    So far only 3 countries help Georgia in military training and financing.

    With Azerbaycan only 1 country helps them so far in this process, where in mid-2007 a Turkish General will be appointed till 2011 as Vice-Defence Ministry of Azerbaycan to help transform Azerbaycan to be NATO-compatible.
    Also a NATO-Extension of Azerbaycan would be an extension of NATO to Iran's northern boarder.




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